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What is the Best Drill Bit Material

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Drill bits are a common type of cutting tool used to create holes with a circular cross-section from the objects through removing excess materials, come in different drill bits sizes for various needs. What are drill bits made of? In this article, let’s explore the different types of drill bit materials.

Drill Bit Material Types & Coating - Types of Drill BitsCompared with carbon steel bits, high-speed steel drill bit is a more popular choice on the market now. HSS is a special type of carbon steel, maintaining structural integrity while bearing high temperature is a marking advantage of the HSS drill bit, what’s more, high speed steel bit has higher wear resistance and hardness, it can also work well at a normal temperature. HSS drill bits are suitable for most of the wood and metal drilling process, including CNC drilling. Titanium nitride and other types of coatings can be applied on the HSS tool to increase lubricity and reduce friction.


3. Titanium Coated Drill BitWeiler Abrasives offers several cutting wheels for different applications. We provide everything from 1-millimeter cutting wheels to extended-diameter wheels for larger cuts. This guide to cutting wheel covers the differences between various types of cutting wheels and explains how to choose the right wheel for a given application.

How to Use a Hole Saw


hole saw makes both a hole and a round wooden disc with a thin serrated blade around a central drill bit.Do you own a concrete table top, or foundation that you have set along the bathroom or room surface at your home? Need to drill through it to create a vent or for some kind of fixture? You need the right hole saw that can fit the shape of your drill and make itself comfortable in your home. Getting the perfect concrete hole saw needs a little choosing before buying.

Why Hole SawOne key to ensuring a long life and ease of use for diamond saw blade is knowing how to properly prepare them for use.

First, make several cuts through a soft abrasive material, such as a common red brick.

To start a saw cut on lapidary material, run the saw blade at operating speed and slowly feed your stone into the spinning blade. Watch the initial cut to ensure a straight feed. If the cut isn’t straight, the blade will deflect at the point of contact, producing an uneven cut.

As soon as you notice the blade deflecting, stop the saw, shift the stone slightly and start the process again. If you don’t correct the process immediately and continue to cut, the blade will be dished by the time you finish the cut. If this happens, the blade will require repair or replacement.

As a professional manufacturer, we offers a variety of lapidary equipment and supplies for jewelers and stone cutters.

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